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    Demonstrated savings of over 10M

    Successfully executed modeling of business process in EC and BO

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    High end business consulting

    Smart solutions across value chain

    Innovations inspired by customer challenges

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About Us

Hydrocarbon Management LLC (HM), founded in 2014, is a specialised Oil and Gas Product development, and Consulting organization headquartered in Houston, TX.

Our offerings :

  • Process Development
  • Software Implementation
  • (to be added)
  • (to be added)

HM was founded with a mission to enable the energy industry to become more efficient in how they conduct their operations and help them minimize their environmental impact and footprint.

HM tracks, and optimizes hydrocarbons flows from reservoir to payment across the hydrocarbon supply chain (Production, Midstream Transportation, Sales & Revenue)

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Global Coverage

Our specialists bring global expertise understand the regional regulatory reporting requirements, and specific technical challenges of each region.

  • Azerbaijan, Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Egypt, Angola,
    Oman, Indonesia, Australia, North Sea, Algeria,
    Philippines, Alaska
  • HM Systems ( EC, Merrick, Avocet)
  • 100+ Assets and 50+ Contracts modeled
  • Global L3 Support

Industry’s leading Hydrocarbon Management Specialists

What distinguishes us

Agile and Dev Ops methodology
Prototype development


Track, Manage and Protect the value of hydrocarbons
Maximize client's value of hydrocarbons by efficient utilization of their systems and processes


4 years old organization headquartered in Houston
Over 350+ years of combined experience

Value Adds

Patents in hydrocarbon accounting (allocation)