About us

About Us

Hydrocarbon Management LLC (HM LLC) is a 4 year old Hydrocarbon Management Organization headquartered in Houston.

Hydrocarbon Management LLC was founded with the mission to enable the energy industry to become more efficient in how they conduct their operations and help them minimize their environmental impact and footprint.

With over 350+ years of combined experience in the Hydrocarbon Management vertical, HM LLC enables global energy organizations to efficiently manage the “complex hydrocarbon management and accounting needs”. HM LCC helps in monitoring the oil and gas flows from reservoir to payment across the various stages of Production, Transportation, Sales and Revenue

Our consulting practice develops process and software to assist oil and gas companies make strategic decisions about where and when to drill, how to transport their oil and gas through pipelines and tankers, and to value commercial agreements between contract parties. In nutshell, we help in monitoring the oil and gas flows from reservoir to payment across the various stages of Production, Transportation, Sales and Revenue We are involved throughout the hydrocarbon value chain from well-head to the custody transfer point.

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to executing with excellence, developing creative solutions and identifying value opportunities for our clients. Our consultants have worked for the biggest oil and gas companies in the world - Chevron, Shell, British Gas, BP, among many others – and have more than 20+ years’ experience.

Our Scope of Services

  • Azerbaijan, Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad,
    Egypt, Angola, Oman, Indonesia, Australia,
    North Sea, Algeria, Philippines, Alaska
  • Energy Components (EC) 11 Standard
  • 50+ Assets and 30+ Contracts modeled
  • Cloud Hosting
  • EC L3 Support for 5+ timezones

Risks if it’s not working properly

  • Maximum value extraction
  • Equitable production allocation to all parties
  • Partner cost recovery
  • Remuneration to host countries
  • License to Operate

Our Expertise

  • Extensive hydrocarbon management experience
  • Track, Manage and Protect the value of hydrocarbons
  • Maximize client's value of hydrocarbons by efficient utilization of their systems and processes
  • Deep understanding of the various understand of the large oil and gas organizations and their culture
  • Demonstrated savings over USD 10M
  • Successfully executed modeling of business process in EC and BO (Well theoretical calculations, allocation, sampling analysis, commercial planning, entitlement calculation, etc.)
  • Some of our consultants hold patents in hydrocarbon accounting (allocation)
  • Develop and publish guidance documents which reflect current industry best practice.


  • High-end business consulting
  • Smart solutions across the value chain
  • Partnerships and strategic engagements
  • Innovations inspired by customer challenges
  • Best practices and repeatable services
  • Industry-experienced practitioners
  • Environment-centric programs

Summary of Risks & Challenges

  • Reputational Risk

    Incorrect reporting of environmental data to regulatory authorities

  • Financial Risk

    Incorrect production allocation

    Failing to calculate fiscal terms as per commercial agreements

    Failing to start up, maintain and calibrate measurement systems correctly

  • Operational Risk

    Too many interfaces

    Lack of standards

    Too many bespoke solutions

  • Process Risk

    Lack of seamless end to end Hydrocarbon Management Process that minimizes touchpoints and ensures accountability throughout the value chain