Our solution

Our specialists can advise you on the right solution to fit your organization and budget. For our clients, we have

Standard hydrocarbon accounting solution for accurately tracking hydrocarbons driving efficiency and optimization through near real time integration
across the full value chain:

  • Single view of the truth shared across integrated system with automated data and work flows
  • Standard version offers improved user interface and hosts new functionality
  • Upgrades deployed seamlessly with no interruption in performance
  • Software Upgrades reduced to 4 weeks using standard templates from previous 9 months for non-standard
  • Centrally supported and maintained by Centre of Excellence

IT&S operating costs savings:

  • 4 production instances
  • 30% minimum reduction in effort for support
  • 60% reduction in hardware license costs

Silent running of HM processes:

  • 0.2 FTE per module per asset
  • 30-50% reduction in FTE requirement